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Looking for something different than the classic smiley face socks? Our unique Pacman game socks are just for you!  These socks take the fun of video games and put it right on your feet. They are made with mostly cotton, so they fit comfortably and last.

A primitive human game where a wheel of cheese collects fruit while being hunted by ghosts. A human sub-species called “Geeks” will highly praise this choice of socks.

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Dark black socks with the tricky mazes of the Pacman game on them. The toe and heel part of the sock is bright yellow, just like Pacman when he jumps out on screen. You’ll look trendy and fun wearing these socks.

These socks are perfect for video game fans everywhere. The sock is comfortable to be worn by all ages and they will have you feeling nostalgic with its colorful Pacman game print.

Pacman game socks product description

Cotton-rich knitted socks with added stretch. Fabric content: 77% Cotton, 21% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

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