ZEESOCKS ranks explained

All you need to know

ZEE ranks are part of our loyalty program. ZEE ranks grant you product discounts and other benefits.

Our goal is to make ZEESOCKS shopping experience to be as fun as possible. And what can be more fun than a cool RPG game ?

To get your first starting rank – Space Bum, you just need to create an account on ZEESOCKS.COM.

  • In order to rank up, you need to reach certain total reputation points (see required points for each rank below). 
  • Reputation points are awarded by each unlocked achievement. 
  • To learn about unlockable achievements, please refer to your account dashboard or second tab of the left sidebar on mobile.

We highly reward our loyal ZEE members. The maximum discount is 25%. 

How to find rank widget on mobile:

How to find rank widget on PC:

Your rank progress map

See where you stand and how to rank-up

Below you can see your current rank and reputation points required to achieve each rank. 


Space Bum

This is your starting rank with no benefits. You are just another Space Bum with no ZEESOCKS on you. On the plus side though, you can only go up from here! Prove yourself and the treasures of ZEE will follow!


Sock Scavenger

Sock Scavenger's social standing is not that high, but it's better than being a bum!

1 Requirement

  • Reach 250 Reputation points to unlock this rank and gain 10% permanent discount at ZEESOCKS.

Sock Smuggler

Being Sock Smuggler is illegal in most galaxies, but you'll have a better chance to encounter special socks, than a Scavenger would.

1 Requirement

  • Reach 350 Reputation points to unlock this rank and gain permanent 12% discount at ZEESOCKS.

Sock Pirate

Taking socks right off people's feet is easier than paying for them! And who cares if they are sweaty and have holes in them? Socks are socks! Arrr!

1 Requirement

  • Reach 450 Reputation points to unlock this rank and gain a permanent 15% discount at ZEESOCKS.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunter can take socks off the marks' feet, just like Pirates do. But instead of being hunted by authorities, you're being payed by them (in socks, of course!).

1 Requirement

  • Reach 500 Reputation points to unlock this rank and gain a permanent 17% discount at ZEESOCKS.

Captain Sock

With his own starship, a clean slate and a high social standing Captain Sock can freely venture on different quests for socks.

1 Requirement

  • Reach 600 Reputation points to unlock this rank and gain a permanent 19% discount at ZEESOCKS.

Sock Researcher

When wearing ZEESOCKS is not enough anymore, a Sock Researcher gazes into molecular structure of ZEESOCKS and unravels the key to their power.

1 Requirement

  • Reach 750 Reputation points to unlock this rank and gain a permanent 21% discount at ZEESOCKS.


As ones natural form is becoming not strong enough to wield the inner power of ZEESOCKS, one makes himself a new, improved body. With a charged ZEESOCK as the power source, bringing the immortality and impermeability to the dangers of space.

1 Requirement

  • Earn 900 Reputation to unlock this rank and gain 23% PERMANENT DISCOUNT.

The God of Socks

From the top tier of existence ascends the God of Socks. It has learned all there is to learn about ZEESOCKS, tapping directly into their primordial cosmic power. It does not need a physical body anymore and can be a pure energy becoming one with the socks. 

1 Requirement

  • Reach 1150 Reputation points to unlock this rank and gain a permanent 25% discount at ZEESOCKS.